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Pertama-tama, aku mu ngucapin Selamat Tahun Baru 2015
~Akemashite Omedetou~
hope you will have full of joy this year too <3

*di tahunnya domba/kambing ini semoga aku bs makan sate domba/kambing, sluurp~*
hehe... :D
                                                              @credit to facebook, found on there

Mari kita bahas doramanya,
Kindaichi Kosuke VS Akechi Kogoro Futatabi SP, adalah dorama special yang tayang di fujitv
tentang seorang Detektif pemula Kindaichi Kosuke (Yamashita Tomohisa) dan Detektif profesional Akechi Kogoro (Ito Hideaki),
sebenarnya Kindaichi itu merasa Akechi selalu merecoki kasus yang dia tangani, dan kayaknya Akechi tu emang seneng banget merecokinya, haha.. Kali ini di SP yang kedua ini, yg jadi Hiroin nya Gouriki Ayame.
Berlatar belakang sebuah kasus yang terjadi di sebuah keluarga bangsawan di desa terpencil. Diawali dengan kasus percobaan pembunuhan pada kepala keluarga tersebut, yaitu seorang Baron yang memiliki 3 putri. (Salah satunya Gouriki). Dan setelah itu terjadi lagi pembunuhan-pembunuhan yg memakan korban anggota keluarga lainnya. Disinilah Kindaichi dan Akechi saling bersaing memecahkan kasus-kasus pembunuhan yang terjadi dan misteri yang ada di desa terpencil tersebut.
Menurutku sih ni drama detektif yang ga terlalu serius, dapat dinikmati dengan santai, ga perlu mikir, kocak tu kelakuan-nya Kindaichi, ada2 aja :D

Poster Dorama

Kindaichi Kosuke (Yamashita Tomohisa)                                       Akechi Kogoro (Ito Hideaki)

Hiroin-nya (Gouriki Ayame)                                                              Wahh.. ada Akira Mimasaka :p

Kindaichi udah males bgt ma Akechi XD                                        Setting-nya di Mansion ini

Warning & Credit

sinopsis dari dramawiki:
Ryujo Hoshiko comes to detective Kindaichi Kosuke’s office with a request. She would like him to investigate an attempt to poison her father, Baron Ryujo Kiyohisa. Hoshiko says this may have something to do with the issues of succession such as the peerage and fortune. Accepting the request, Kindaichi and Hoshiko are driven by a servant of the Ryujo family to the mansion in Nagano Prefecture. On the way, the car comes to an abrupt halt on a country road. They have stumbled across the dead body of Kazuma, the husband of eldest daughter Ryujo Hanayo. After assisting with the investigation, Kindaichi and Hoshiko finally reach the mansion. The police detective Hibino is questioning a grieving Hanayo, her mother Shimako, second daughter Yukiya and her husband Hoshino Natsuhiko. Then another man arrives. It is Akechi Kogoro. He received a warning from the 20-Face Phantom who is targeting the golden statute of a Buddhist deity which is in the Ryujo’s possession. Kindaichi and Akechi end up face to face again. Kindaichi is conscious of it, but Akechi acts relaxed. From the next day, Kindaichi searches for clues in the murder. On the other hand, Akechi pursues the whereabouts of the Phantom. Kazuma, who had been the possible successor of the peerage, had no reason to commit suicide. Everyone in the family believe he was murdered. In a search after that, it is discovered from a storehouse within the mansion that Kazuma vomited blood. There is a high chance it is the same poison administered to the baron. Are they crimes by the same criminal?! Meanwhile, Shimako has been hastening a proposal of marriage for her third daughter Hoshiko. The other party is Takuzo of Hishikawa Construction. Hoshiko makes an agonizing decision in order to protect her family. And then, another incident occurs in the Ryujo family

Sebenarnya sudah agak lama buat Indonesian sub buat dorama SP ini, tapi lupa kalo belum posting disini,
kalau mau Indonesia sub buat dorama SP ini langsung aja klik disini, aku posting di forum indowebster,
jadi kalau mau sub nya gabung dulu yak..


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